Consumer Products

Consumer Products

The land of milk and honey – and shampoo and jewellery and vitamins

Roy Morgan’s consumer products research gives retailers, manufacturers, distributors, importers, marketers, advertising agencies and brand planners the power to identify, understand, communicate with and motivate customers.

Drawn from our world-leading Single Source, our consumer products research measures over 150 categories every week, many to brand level. From groceries, pharmaceuticals and personal care items to household goods and services, our data contains:

  • Consumption, channel, expenditure, satisfaction and loyalty measures
  • Complete demographic profiling of customers
  • Customer attitudes and lifestyle behaviours
  • Inter- and cross-category analysis
  • Market share indicators and trends
  • Media usage and content preferences of target markets

Industry Subscriptions

No other market research tool can help you compete more aggressively. Used with our ASTEROID software platform, you can re-cut and re-analyse the data to suit any business or marketing needs as they arise.

Our specialist industry analysts train your staff and conduct workshops to ensure that you can extract the maximum benefit from the data.

Subscribe to Roy Morgan to receive comprehensive, up-to-date consumer research in an accessible, practical and flexible database.

Customer Profiles

Ready-made customer profiles for your brand or category are already available to download.

Customer profiles provide a clear, complete picture of your target market’s demographics, lifestyle, media habits, brand awareness, purchase intentions, satisfaction levels and values.

Advertising agencies, supermarkets and companies marketing numerous brands across product categories can access annual subscription packages and discounts on regular or multiple reports.

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