Web Audience Measure

Web Audience Measure

Shaping the future for Australian internet users

In this increasingly digital age, Australians are more connected than they’ve ever been. The internet has become an indispensable — and influential — part of our lives, and it’s crucial for marketers, policy-makers and businesses to understand how Australians behave in the online space.

Roy Morgan Research has been tracking Australians’ use of the internet through our Single Source survey for years: who uses it, how they use it, and why they use it. With the introduction of our Web Audience Measure (WAM), we can monitor users’ browsing habits even more closely.

How does it work?

Drawn from our vast pool of Single Source respondents, WAM panel members are invited to install a special plug-in on their computer or laptop. Once installed, the plug-in:

  • Records which websites they visit, including duration and date of visitation
  • Captures the number of sessions logs every page impression and click-through
  • Panel members receive incentives for their participation and their privacy is protected at all times.

What can Web Audience Measure do for you?

Our custom-designed plug-in strengthens and builds on our vast knowledge base of internet users from our Single Source survey. Combining these two methods of data collection enables you to examine all aspects of your target audience’s online behaviour — from sites visited to time spent on each. Nowhere else will you find deeper profiling of Australian internet users.

Integration with our Single Source database means that web metrics can be analysed alongside product and media data, activities and attitudinal variables, and demographics — providing you with a holistic view of where, how and why ‘connected consumers’ behave online as they do.

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to create new digital offerings that are tailored for maximum impact among the audience that matters most to you.

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