Morgan Target Mapping

Morgan Target Mapping

Home in on your target market with location profiling that is streets ahead

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Morgan Target Mapping redefines what you can do with location-based profiling. Zoom in to the region, neighbourhood, street and house to find where your current or potential customers live.

Combined with the power of Roy Morgan Single Source, the world’s richest consumer database, Morgan Target Mapping draws on this treasury of demographic, attitudinal, lifestyle, purchasing and media consumption data to help you pinpoint your best prospects. Your target market can be mapped by any segmentation, including Roy Morgan Values Segments*.

Morgan Target Mapping can help you pinpoint:

  • Where to launch a new product or store
  • Where to place advertising your target market will see
  • Where to focus sales and marketing effort
  • Where to get the best ROI on direct mail or telemarketing

Only Roy Morgan Research can combine such a wealth of demographic information, extensive product and media usage data, and sophisticated mapping technology to generate maps with the flexibility, insight and accuracy to ensure you reach the right people in the right area.

*Devised by Michele Levine of Roy Morgan Research and Colin Benjamin of the Horizons Network.

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