B2B Research

B2B Research

Australia’s leading Business market research

Nearly 3.5 million Australians make or contribute to business decisions in an average year. From office managers to CEOs, farmers to HR consultants, board members to small business owners, Roy Morgan asks them all about their decision making, industry expectations, turnover and finances, employee numbers and hiring plans, preferred media and a whole lot more.

Roy Morgan runs two continual surveys that can provide immediate trended and segmented research on Business issues – a specific Business Survey delivering rich ‘firmographics’ on Australian businesses, and a comprehensive Survey of business people who are either responsible for making or participate in business decisions, conducted as part of Roy Morgan Single Source.

Roy Morgan Business Survey

  • Commenced in May 2010 and now adding 12,000 new interviews each year
  • Covers businesses from every industry of all sizes across Australia
  • Monitors business confidence
  • Delivers rich firmographics such as turnover, industry, size, location and satisfaction with banks, insurance and more.
  • Completed using a mix of telephone and online interviewing
  • Weighted to represent total businesses in Australia according to ABS data

Roy Morgan Business Decision Maker Survey

  • Of the 50,000 consumers interviewed per year, 10,000 are business decision makers
  • Survey delivers comprehensive demographic, attitudinal, behavioural and media data
  • Covers business decisions made across 31 expenditure categories – such as real estate, office supplies and furniture, farming stock, finance, computers, software, training, conferences, cars, hiring people, telecommunication and many more
  • Quantifies the dollar value of these business decision makers

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